VMware: add Datastore failed with QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions

Brandnew HP Proliant 350p G8 with Smart Array P420i SAS and SD Media Card
vmWare ESXi 5.1 installed on internal SD
all components from HP and an HCL


Installation of ESXi when i want to add DataStore, for the first Array I have allways a error Message:
HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions“ for Objekt „ha-datastoresystem“ auf ESXi „192.1….

I assume, that the Installation of ESXi on SD Card has a problem to use LUN 1. There is Coinstar Money customer service also to make one setting for the scratch path, that’s ok. But to not have access to LUN 1 (the drive seems to be read only for ESXi).


Update to HP Intelligent Provisioning 1.3 for Proliant G8, and it works fine. On Server delivered in January 2013 there aquarium-lace-rock.com is only Release 1.0 .  Intelligent Provisioning will not be update with HP SPP 2012-10.  Download HP Intelligent Provisioning for this update.

Check Success:

During VMware ESXi installation, perform the following:
Boot the server using bootable VMware image disc by selecting to boot from CD/DVD drive. Follow on-screen instructions.
At the option/screen, select a Disk , select HP iLO LUN 00 Media 1 (mpx.vmhbaXX:C0:T0:L0) which has 3.74GB capacity VMFS partition and proceed with on-screen instructions.

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